Monday, September 24, 2012

ol' shait.

so many tots/ some new information needing to be sort out. some, same ol' shait. distressing bits ere and there. little fragments bunching up together, swirling around in my periphery. ganging up on me wit few straggling epiphanies.

heh. semua ni buat nyemak je. buat kepala otak aku jerebu semata-mata. at time like dis. sigh.

pusing pusing pusing. feel like my whole world is goin round and round. i need to explain it, but wld u care? i need to sort it out, but then - how? and i need to categorise it, God sake. slap a numbered sticker on it. make a big label upon each segment. but darn i jst dun knw how. i jst..

too many talks. and jst when i feel like i see the next step in the ladder, it falls down again.

and suddenly, the last conversation of the nite/morning. no new information, no analysis. all i need is jst a pure comfort. 

and then - i am home again.


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