Sunday, September 23, 2012


spent my whole afternoon, after the office at Rumah Anak Yatim Darussalam. reached home by Maghrib. so many thgs in mind - aku feel so bad myself, and aku rindu kan abah. aku hav been complaining a lot about life, about everythg - aku forgot to thank God for all the petty thgs He gives me. i was lookin for a bigger picture in life, aku lupa how sweet all those small lil thgs yg contribute way better thgs in life. aku had a great time there, dgn anak2 yg berlainan background - there for so many different reasons. 

aku used to do dis a lot way back then waktu aku kerja kat Taiping - but in a different scenario. a volunteer kat rumah orang-orang tua - its different, but its the same context. perhaps i shld be doin dis a lil bit more - so aku will get to knw more of life, get to knw myself way better.

u never knw how fortunate ur, until ur surrounded by those who r not.