Wednesday, September 26, 2012


basically, aku dah penat. bosan pun ada. dis is not the first time aku went such thg. dah few times pun. same ol' shait, dat is.

each time aku write somethg in ere, each time aku update Twitter, FB status - ada plak yg terasa. nape eh? aku wld like to emphazise it again - the blog, the Twitter, FB et al - dats all my mine. its about me, thgs around me, sort of my diary. y wld i bother nak update and spend my precious time - updating thgs, writing stuffs on someone else? even sometimes aku rambling over thgs happened in MY life, generally - ada jgk yg terasa. perhaps - my fault la kot, i wrote it so generally, and nobdy knws its about me pun. but if u did nthg wrong, tak perlu kot, nak terasa bagai.. eh? unless u really meant to me - be it in a good way or another, dat wld be somethg else. 24hrs pun mcm tak cukup for my ownslef to deal thgs in life, and aku wld go spending em on other ppl?

no thanks. 

pls. life is short. the ability for us to expand and broaden up the horizon, see thgs in a good way - plus being less judgmental, wld make thgs better in life. i think. i dun knw. 

i mean no harm. i love writing. i love sharing thgs. tp kdg2 benda2 mcm ni buat aku rasa penat. and menyampah.

hav a pleasant Wednesday.

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sue said...

saba je la zam, sum ppl think dat they are the centre of earth and other revolves around them, hence watever u wrote or anybody the know write sumthing, its always about them.

kesian kan,hehehhe