Friday, September 21, 2012

fly-day, fry-day, friday.

so ere i am, sitting at my meja study on the last day of the week (it is Friday, fyi). Pengarah, Ketua Program and other immediate variety of vocation pressure on to me of a physical nature. and wat do i do? jst about the same ol'stuff dat i do on any other dat i am not goin out on the pretext of "work-dat-i-hav-to-finish-up".

which is - "NOT-DOING-it".

apalah nak jadi dgn aku neh. baik aku ikut je kuar by the time Ajak called tadi ajak ngeteh kat mamak area Giant tadi. aku turned it down since "byk keje la Ajak..", and now aku nyesal. everyone's off galivanting to some sale ere and there, mall, wayang etc. tp aku? but actually ye, honestly sometimes its jst nice to stay in.

but not like dis la kot.


and still - work moves like a snail stoned on.. well, some sort of substance abuse.

dammit, i like my work. my real work, dat is. not until all dis bulshait kinda responsible comes in. mmg serabut. coz every once in a while, i wanna be Zooney Deschanel. there, i said it. i dun mind an old me bein dat way. i jst wanna hav dat cute brunette bags and clear blue eyes. and the complexion to go wit. and the legs for those adorable dresses.

nah, hamek kau. stream of conscious writing. count ur lucky stars i am writing it now after an early din din. or perhaps; u'll be hearing about the various virtues of burger of Double Cheese Burger - for a supper.

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