Saturday, September 22, 2012


these tots of mine can never meet the person dat they r intended for. so i need to release em in another direction before they cross paths. jgn sekali-kali saper2 pun terasa. dis is not for u ppl out there.

er, i mean - kalo ye pun.. apa salahnya, eh? hahaha

and wit dat;

  • i wish u wld grow up and act ur age and capacity
  • i wish u wld get a grip and stop blaming everyone else
  • i wish u wld not let ur bias affect ur judgement onto other ppl
  • i wish u wld hav a better justification of y u do the thgs dat u do, God sake.
  • i wish dat u wld actually think. like, really do think.
  • i wish dat u wld realise dat the thgs dat u hate in other ppl, u hav the most of it in urself.
  • i wish dat ur not so racist.. esp since ur of mixed parentage. like, 50% X + 50% Y. and ur racist towards Y. or X. or both. eh, pls lah. how is dis even possible?
  • i wish u wld not get angry at ppl for doin thgs less than perfectly.. esp since if u were in their position u wld probably do worse than em
  • i wish u r not so emotional wit so many thgs so many times
  • i wish u wldnt provide so much confirmation of a particular stereotype
  • i wish u wld think how ur emotional affect the ppl around u, esp the ppl who need to rely on u, in ur capacity
  • i wish u r more fair in how u treat ppl
  • i wish u wldnt go around and spread stories about me, pretending as if u knw me so well.. no, i dun need dat.
  • i wish u wldnt need to consult anyone else, at all - yg hardly kenal aku (and aku pun tak kenal), and asked em dis and dat regarding me.. then ckp aku bukan2. duh.
  • i wish u wld stop frigging judgin me - eh, ko mak aku ke?
  • i wish u wldnt call me jst to vent about other ppl.. and esp when i repeatedly expressed how uncomfortable i was to be in dat position bcoz of the nature of the vent and dat i cant comment on anythg - u jst said dun say anythg, jst listen. ko ingat aku ni tiang letrik ke haper.
  • i wish u din msg me how angry u were at how other ppl din act as per ur expectation.. and when i tried to clarify, u called me by my full name (siap address nama bapak aku) and effectively to me dat u cannot trust me. anymore. like, wat the fcuk?
  • thank u for all the good thgs u hav done for me, but i wish u were somebdy i can rely on w/o havin the need to babysit u. pheww..


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