Thursday, September 20, 2012



they say.. "if u never question urself, then theres smthg wrong wit u."

i suppose i tot dat after a while, the whole day today.. we wldnt question the same thgs dat we've been questioning all these while. after all, i do feel faintly more stable, in terms of how i emotionally process matters. wait. perhaps, or so i tot. maybe.. maybe, i've been out of practice for certain issues, dat when i faced wit it, i feel like a deer caught in headlights. 

so - maybe we are meant to revisit certain thgs, over and over again. i tot dat growing up (dammit, or maybe.. growing old) meant growing wiser. dats wat we gav up youth for, kan? to hav more wisdom, to be more certain God sake, and to be more at home - wit urself?

maybe.. maybe, it jst means bein more comfortable wit questioning urself. i am not sure hether its wort the extra wrinkles. sigh.


sorry. to many entries, for a day i knw. and sorry - i had too many thgs running up there - in head.

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