Monday, September 24, 2012

ayam itik.

time and again i am astounded by how hard it is for the ppl to empathise wit ppl wit different background, different world-views,  different needs etc etc. and even in the same organization, same cultural background, same language, same industry - but different way of thinking and doin thgs.

everyone is jst goin at it from a "wat i need only" point of view. who cares if wat i need is not good fo u? u care? mother care? erm, dats somethg else. but i am tryin to say now is - even if wat is good for u will bring money for the complany. or organization. i think ppl jst dun like any sort of change watsoever, in terms of wat they hav to practice, in terms of thinking process and in terms of stakeholders dat they hav to take into consideration.

wow. ur gettin scared now, eh? darn i am a lil bit too serious? hahaha.. tapi betol kan?

is wat is good for the those, good for the gander? and more importantly, how did dat phrase even come about?

i really dun knw. but i wat i do knw is dat, if only ppl r more empathatic, the world wld be such a better place. but yeah - dats truly ideal. and even so, i am sure there wld be a cost to too much empathy.. or is there?

now i am not sure if wat i am doin now - for life, is a better choice or it isnt. sigh.

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