Thursday, September 20, 2012


i hav to admit. i tend to hav a short attention span, lately. tgk lah, how many books i am in the mid of and how many different thgs can interest me at one point. i love project-based work precisely becoz it promises to be intersting, wit thgs coming dis-a-way and dat. i dun mind the challenges. and darn i hate doin the same shait, again and again. 

but pp r different to me. it distresses me if a person dat i am used to, changes. when i meet a new person/ppl - i try to keep as open-minded as possible. but logically after a point of time, i rely on a pattern of his/her/their behavior, the like and dislikes, preferences etc. to a certain extent, it involves an amount of assumption - which may annoy some ppl. especially those who like to keep a lil bit of 'mystique'. 

but hey, wat can u do?

it is especially difficult if ur to 'serve' dat person. i understand dat ppl do not like to explain emselves over and over. oh wait, let me correct dat. ppl like to talk about emselves over and over - but ppl do not like to explain their preferences too many times. is it? 

so - the logical thg to do - is to be observant, learn as much as possible, i.e gather input data. next - analyse some correlations and factors surrounding subject matter. then - draw up a pattern made from the info.

ok. dat face. its funny to see me bein so academical eh?

consequently, continue drom dis point into a trajectory - is the point when we first start assuming dat thgs will be continue in said pattern. so if there is no action made to amend the inital input data when changes happen - continuing in dis fashion will jst make an  ASS out of U and ME.

see, i remember! hehe

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