Tuesday, September 25, 2012


for the first after all dis while, aku mimpi abah. i dun knw why. and i dun knw how.

all i remember i was there somewhere - i dun even knw where i was at - nbdy around me, and i was kinda scared. worry. the feeling was so intense, i still remember how it is. and abah was there, standing. looking at me - out of nowhere. at the the sight of him - aku feel dis instant relief. abah was jst standing there, in his usual baju melayu, serban - looking at me. smiling. aku called him out - called him out loud. i wanted to get close to him - to at least tgk abah dgn jelas - but i jst cant move. not even a bit. aku ended up standing there, calling out for him again and again. tp abah jst stand still, smiling, and looking at me.

he nodded his head, and he leave me jst like dat - jst exactly like he always did to me. w/o a word. no explanation why. 

azan Subuh, and aku terjaga. i had tears rolling down cheeks. as if i was cryin all nite.

why? so many q's i need some answers for em all. so many thgs i wanna knw. i jst..


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