Monday, September 3, 2012

a typical Monday.

slowly aku gained sort of 'rentak' to start working - i mean, really really do work. doesnt mean dat dr pagi tadik aku melengung tgk langit je, no. i did works as well dr pagi tadik, jst dat - wit faces yg stdnts awal2 lagik dah mcm serik nak tgk, and wit otak yg tepu tak berbaki - it feels like to shut down at anytime at all. had my 3 in 1 drink kat pantry around 1.15pm, aku solat Zohor and aku terus smbg keje balik.

time to schedule up keje2 aku for the rest of September, tgk memo2, minit2 mesyuarat plus tindakan accordingly, and - aku had like 225 scripts of tugas psychology budak2 basic neh, to go thru. lookin at the bundles pun enuff to make u hav dis sort of agonizing pain - in ur head, ur mind, ur soul, everythg.

another letter dr BPL came in - 10 to 14/9 aku will be in PERKIM, KL - as Ketua Edit Soalan bg subjek aku. and on 25/9 - kena be in Alor Star, since aku dijemput bg lecture there in KPPAS, Alor Star on Human Motivation and Abnormal Psychology.  and the rest of the days in September - there'll be classes as usual (i got like 10hrs to left), clinical teaching/visits and such.

Pinkie called. all out of sudden. its been sometimes since aku last talked to her pun. since dia dah kawen neh - aku a bit segan nak call and talk to her regularly like aku used to. she's a nice gal. she's kinda gal yg ko ckp je - trus dpt tangkap dat if ur ok, or not. and apparently - she knew i am not dat ok. we talked - she cracked jokes, and i had a good laugh. aku vent out shait i've keepin in me - and she did her job really good - she jst listen and she understand. 

aku felt a bit lighter then.

feel like hitting the gym soon. lama dah tak pi gym. budak2 pun dah bising since aku kejap ada, kejap tadak. which means - gym kejap bukak, kejap idak. few senior lecturers did tell me dat aku kinda lost weight - and if they r true - then aku need to keep it up. aku tak mo la after puasa, bdn naik berkilo2 lagik. aku need to gain back my shape (at least) and keep my confidence on track.

10mins to 5. think aku shld kemas2 dah la..

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