Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2 days to go!

aku cepet pic neh kat FB ko.

lagik dua hari, my 2wks course is done. literally, i cant wait to get rid off it - and go on wit life, since aku hav so many thgs tertangguh bcoz of dis course. but then again - in the other hand - seronok plak kursus mcm neh; u gotta come to class, sit ur arse down, listen to the lecture (its the hardest part - but i dun think it is dat bad pun), go on wit the group work (aku love dis part), get it presented (lagik aku suka), and gain all the new thgs in the world (plus some old thang, which i need some kinda refreshment ofkoz). and yes, makan ikut time. hehe

aku, Jack, Kak Ida, Madam Ang and Dorakes - we clicked together so nicely; dat i think we r the best group around - each time keje berkumpulan and presentation - we r kinda group yg paling menonjol. beside Teo nye kumpulan lah - all girls, giler2 - and they sit behind us. kumpulan aku - over all, 3 org je lelaki (plus Mr Vinthai the Mr Monitor) me and Jacky. and jst imagine - me and Jacky in a group, sit btul2 dpn lecturer (first row), dpn LCD - yet still bley sembang2, kecoh2 and dominate the whole situation. i gez dats y the others panggil aku and Jack 'notti boy' and such. and we had like all the best lecturer around - Dr Kadeessa, Puan Sarimah (shes rawk!) and er, Puan Bilbir. 

except for the last one - aku (i mean - we) hardly knw wats goin around, God sake.

but then again - i learn a lot. i mean - like really really do learn a lot. berbeza dgn OUM dulu, dis time around - it is much better. tho aku not sure about the future as yet, i am glad dat i am learning. others wont get the same chance like i do, perhaps - and lookin at dat point, i am blessed. kot.

trow - we'll start to feel the heat. real presentation, evaluation. and on Friday - real teaching evaluation, in front a group of stdnt. aku paired up wit Teo. and basically, we both dah ada plan and we r working out the plan well, insyaAllah. hope thgs will goes well and everythg will be ok.

out for a din din. see u around.

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