Saturday, August 25, 2012


me and my superwoman!
Puan Hjh Zaharah Mohd. Rejab, a.k.a mak aku!

us -
Soleh kat depan,
kak ngah in oren, mak, aku
kak yang kelabu asap, and cik.. 

me and Areeyna.
the eldest not-so-minimon.

and i am officially done wit raya. ppl say raya sebln, and i think - tak pyh la kot. raya sehari dua pun dah cukup.. and the rest of it, life goes on jst the way it is. 

finally aku smpai Ipoh balik. surga Ya Rabbana. i mean - to be home, no other place like home. so true! jalan jammed, as usual. tp tak le jam teruk mana sgt pun, but then again - there r multiple eksiden, numerous cars yg break down tersadai tepi jalan. alhamdulillah - Allah permudahkan perjalanan aku kali ni, tho bg aku, dis is the longest journey Tumpat - Ipoh aku've been thru. selalu around 5hrs dah smpai. max 6hrs. ni kuar at 12pm, at 8pm baru smpai dpn rumah.. aiyoo.

dis time around - raya aku sgt sederhana. solah raya, pi kubur abah, melwt sedara-mara rapat2 kat Taiping. tu je. the rest of the days - aku spent dgn adik2 aku, dgn mak aku jgk. i gez dats wat raya is. its not about u urself - its about others as well. and our mission for dis raya - me and adik2 - is to be around mak as much as we can, so she wldnt get drowned in the so-called loneliness and such. aku tau - it wasnt dat good as much as arwah abah can provide her - but at least, we tried. mak is the only precious we had now, and aku wont let a single sec wasted.

along the way aku travel from Tumpat tadik - aku cant help havin my mind all over places. mp4 aku tak ber-charged, and i was so not me. most of the time - upon a long journey, aku will get ready wit all those - back-up batteries, charge hp/mp4/kamera/power station, gps etc. tp dis time around - mp4 aku lupa nak caj.. so aku drive mcm tu je. 

aku still hav abah in mind like most of the time. theres not a single sec yg aku tak ingat abah. aku tgk spec baru aku - aku teringat abah - how aku tempah for him a new spec yg smpai hujung hayat dia, he din put in on pun.. and aku decided to made myself a new one, as well. aku selalu teringat kata2 abah, 'jgn sedih along, insyaAllah - selamat dunia akhirat' each time aku salam and cium tgn abah sblm aku leave rumah kak ngah, and abah usap2 kepala aku, sayin so. and each time - aku cried. aku still solat guna kopiah abah - yg still had his smell on it, and i dun wanna lose dat. 

Ya Allah, aku sgt2 rindukan abah.

i knw, i keep sayin the same thg, i keep on writing the same shyte. but i cant help it. i need to let it out.



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Ezahd Kocek said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri...
Al-Fatihah utk arwah abah...