Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a day has gone.

i was so damn busy today. started as early as 5am.. i din get the chance to hav my breakfast, i missed my lunch. by 3pm - baru aku managed to sit and hav a breather, a drink. and a pack of meal - Fina tlg belikan. and by 3.30pm - aku back into action - taklimat klinikal utk budak2 aku wit Mr Bong up till 5pm. penat giler. tp aku puas ati since keje aku finally done.

by 5.30pm aku back to the ofc. baru sempat duduk dgn proper. managed to take a glimpse at the phone.. erm, nthg is there. i mean - basically. suddenly aku rasa kosong, as if aku missed somethg. dis coupla days aku so bz pg ptg siang mlm - aku feel as if theres so many thgs aku need a catch up. so many thgs as if aku badly left behind. scroll the phone - thinkin of anyone to call, aku ended up put down the phone - off to Dewan Sri Perdana where aku shld be for the orientasi.

home early. heavy downpour. had the urge to call mak.. as usual - aku will do dat each time aku had dis kinda feelin in me. dah 2 hari aku tak cckp dgn mak. 

will be leavin for the ofc again soon, after Maghrib. 


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