Friday, July 6, 2012


reached Ipoh by 5ish PM. its a hot day. aku was so damn sleepy, yet i cldnt make it a time to crash a bit. aku need to rush back to the ofc., since ada keje nak kena settle for trow. aku di lantik jadik conductor erobik for Program Bersama Komuniti - Jom Bersenam anjuran kolej. starts as early as 7am. adoih. baru cdg nak stay put and do nthg.

it was a long journey God sake back in ere. keep browsing the phone, called coupla numbers, texted to a few - tp its a working day, watdya expect.. pujuk ati sendiri. heh.

aku nak balik la. keje dah siap. 


frankly speaking - aku rasa bosan writing in ere. aku started to feel life aku is so bloody routine. nthg interesting. aku write in ere as a way of ventilating, but then again - aku started to feel dat the whole thg is a big mistake. its boring. the whole thg.

rasa nak berenti for a while. or put it a rest, for good. sigh.

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