Monday, July 30, 2012


i've bn consoling others on dis. and i never knw how bad it is, until it happens to me.

on dis cold, weird feelin kinda journey bck home, aku and mak jst sit beside abh, wit tears silently rolling down my cheeks. mak keeps telling me to berdoa and baca al-fatihah, and dats wat i've bn doin.

i feel so alone. and lonely. i feel numb. i feel so cold and hopeless. mak told me to berlapang dada and redha, and i am trying. i jst dun knw how to face dis. i jst dun knw how.

at 12.15am, 10 Ramadhan - abah tinggal kan mak and kami adik beradik. at least abah tak lagi sakit and menderita.

Ya Allah, Kau ampunkanlah dosa2 abah. Kau tempatkanlah abah bersama2 mrk yg beriman dan bertaqwa. Kau cucurilah rahmat dah berkat Mu, Ya Allah buat abah.

i've lost my dearest dad today, and i dun knw wat else to say.

abah, alg syg abah.

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