Sunday, July 22, 2012

2nd day Ramadhan.

crashed early as well, smlm. balik je terawih, had another dose of air tebu - and off aku naik atas and crashed. nothg on the phone, nothg on the idiotbox, nothg there on-line as well. i gez everybdy is havin their own thang, and i shall deal wit mine la kot. called mak before tido - she was alrdy fall asleep way earlier. and so did abah. kak yang and Soleh around - so aku tak risau sgt. mak dah kat wad baru - no more in Surgical Wad Intan 2 HUSM wit all those tak-frenly nye staffs. at dis new wad - mak lagi selesa, and abah got the proper care he supposed to get.

stayed home all day smlm. dr pagi, smpai mlm. managed to finish up few sets of slide for P&P next week, and few weeks to come. aku will be teaching Post Basic as well, starting dis semester. it seems like keje aku makin byk, hours of teaching dah naik. and yeah - makin byk beban la. once in a while - aku on-line jgk. tu je yg aku buat whole day - beside, it was Saturday - so aku qado tidor la jugak, idiotbox, kemas rumah and ptg - aku blah cari air tebu kat param depan ni, and aku balik. mlm - terawih, and aku balik rumah.

and today, i gez nthg much. aku still hav coupla thgs to do, at least by Monday - aku tak la bz sgt. i need some distraction, after all. or else, i will stuck in shyte. aku dah meluat wit all dis thgs yg open up myself to come up wit a lot of assumption yg aku sendiri benci. it seems like aku hav to help my own self - to keep myself clear. nak harap org lain, payah. 

aku shall call mak again dis morn. hope she's ok.


sahur done. Subuh dah masuk. nak solat, and crash for a while. mengantuk - since mkn ubat, and bgun awal sgt pagi tadik.. sigh.

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Aby QisIma said...

... "nity nyte" .. sleep tight .. wake-up right .. walking to a new height.. ;-) ..