Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuuuuuuuuesday, no.

reached the ofc at the usual time. nbdy in as yet. off to pantry, made myself another mug of cereal - 3in1 je pun. penat tgk meja aku wit few pending thgs to be done, tak siap2 since; 1) aku suka bertangguh, 2) keje keep coming in. argkh.

2nd day in dis Aktiviti Makmal Pembangunan Kurikulum for kursus dip. lanjutan  in psikiatrik. basically - it is nice to be in the group of smart arse kinda ppl - doin the brainstroming and such. aku - surprisingly turned out to be havin like a lot of ideas to share. and getting to knw dat ur ideas digunapakai and such, darn i jst love the feeling. u knw wat i mean.

pagi2 lagik dah pissed-off wit dis one person kat ofc. biar lah. aku tak nak becoz of dis one person - aku spoiled the whole day of mine. if karma tak come hit him, one day i definitely will. hehe

hav a pleasant day ahead, peeps!

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