Thursday, June 14, 2012

show me the money!!

i knw. it bored u to death. but it aint, to me. some ppl tell me to go get life. but hey - i am havin one now, fyi. haha..  i've been watching dis, again and again. i lost count. i remember the last time i watched dis was like coupla yrs back. and i totally forgotten how i was so deep wit dis. and i watched it back again - yesterday, out of nthg to do - in the office. 

and today - on HBO. i was back home by 5.15pm - still in baju keje, threw the socks at the side, baju keje at the other side - and remote in my hand, did the channel surfing. until it stopped at HBO - damn Jerry Maguire is playing! i was smiling to myself. i've been havin the whole movie - the whole shait about it in mind for the whole day, and nite semlm - and it was on the idiotbox. coincidence? no. tell me somethg way better than dat.

i love the story. its about an ordinary man, and ordinary life - gave him a normal story, and made it a great movie. its about an average man wit a kinda pretty cool job, tryin to do the rite thg about his life. nthg very unbelievable in dat. and dats y i like it. u watch it, and u jst like it. u like seein him sweat it out as he writes dat infamous mission statement. u like seein the divorced women's club meet in Dorothy's living room. u like seein dat lil kid teelin Jerry the human head wts 8 pounds. and yeah - 'show me the money!!' kinda thang. u knw wat i am saying.

but wat i love about dis movie - was the personal thgs dat hit me rite away, after first time i watched. i dun knw how to tell u dis - but.. i knw how it is. how it feels. to hav those nervous breakdown, melting into somethg u dun knw wat it is - and ur looking around, looking for urself, a strength to move on. for u cant make any mistake in life - like, no more. and finding thgs dat really matters in life - after all the shyte u've been thru. i dun knw. perhaps - u wanna watch urself, to understand. 

unless u love dat bloody Senario The Movie kinda thang, pls - dun bother.

its been ages anyway. but the Jerry Maguire still one of the best movie - my fav. and dun forget the 'u get me at hello' thang. haha


done wit the Majlis Perasmian. Sultan Perak dtg rasmikan the whole thang, today. and me - i was there standing, beside him - in the holding room, aka The Gym. 

i had my legs screamin in shyte, lenguh giler since berdiri, moving for ere to another - non-stop. and i ended up getting home - nursing my bloody aching-heart - to so many unfinished bisnes. talked about a bit of appreciation. a bit of less owh-i-am-ur-boss-u-shut-ur-fuckin-mouth kinda thang. and owh - yeah, talk about u worked like hell, but nbdy knws u. rather than u go around - buat2 bz, put up a bit of show, telling everybdy dat ur 'everythg' and 'anythg' - yet ur a simply douche-bag. 

i gez i gotta learn dat way too, eh? learn to rub shoulders wit all the big-shots. put up a lil bit of show, learn how to brag and get myself a bit of thicker skin. thus - i'll survive.

but the fact is - i am not dat kinda guy. u giv job, i do job. well. u giv job, i do job - yet u get the name. and i'll be standing at the back, smiling.  

bullshyte i knw. 



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achik ezam said...

bunyik macam stress giler je bang...

hope everything doin' fine ya :)