Monday, June 18, 2012

dat shitty thang.

sometimes i hate myself dat i am so petty. sometimes - i hate dat i make a lil problem way bigger than they actually r. i guess there r days when we jst hate ourselves, aye? i knw i've created dis blog to ventilate myself, to somehow inspire ppl and to giv encouragement, and post stuff dat ppl can relate to - but sometimes, i admit - i also get a  lil depressed.

there r moments when i feel kinda alone, and sad. i mean - not literally dat i am cryin, bcoz i am sad. its the feelin in u - heavy-chested, headache, heartache over thgs at work, wit life and such. i mean - dammit, u knw wat i mean. thankfully, these moments do not happens often - but yeah, i do hav those bad day, trust me.

perhaps - a lil bit like now.

i knw there r a lot of bigger problems in the world, and my petty problems r nothg compared to em - but sometimes, all the encouragement dat i try to spread (if there is), there r times when even then cant cheer me up. i am kinda secretive person when it comes to my feelings, my tots and such - so i cant really tell ppl wats botherin me. so most of the time - i jst keep it to myself. and i sleep on it. and maybe - these feelings get bottled up, and i ended up feelin shitty in mind. u can see me in deep shyte, if i do. for its all over my face. 

i dun wanna rant in ere. u guys deserve better. i knw i am gonna be alrite by the sun goes up. good hot shower, jump into my boxer, and hit my MuMuLand..

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