Saturday, June 23, 2012


no its not the end. its the beginning. tho its been a long day, today (and its gonna a long nite, tnite - for it aint the same like before), but i am glad. it aint the end, but its jst a beginning.

i used to hav doubt in myslf. but havin myslf goin thru the past coupla days - i thk i started to hav more faith in it. faith in myslf. i learnt lesson well. for at least - i am not alone to appreciate it. to cherish thgs dat u hav. and i am glad. i am trully glad.

i am feeling free. in a way, i am. i hav no doubt now. time is short. i choose to appreciate wat i hav. to cherish every bits of it.

i am looking forward now. and i aint gonna turn bck, no.


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