Saturday, June 30, 2012


aku and yang finally sepakat bwk abh dtg sini at Columbia Asia Hosp in Kamunting to re-do the ct brain for abh. dis is where abh first diagnosed last two mths, and ere we r bck again.

aku dun hope for anythg. as a med staf, bscly aku rasa aku tau how it is for abh - thru his symptoms et al. but dammit aku wld lied to myslf if aku ckp aku tak simpan apa2 hope wishing thgs will get better. and mak - mak keep on telling dat abh dah nampak ok, harap2 scan will giv her some good news. aku ckp kat mak dun keep too much hope, tp mak - aku fhm, she jst cant help myslf.

and aku - again, hav to deal wit my own turmoil in me.. and it seems like aku hav to face mak to tell her anythg dat mght be out soon. kak yang, shes a big gal. and i knw she undrstnds.

result will be out in 2hrs. its Saturday - they gotta call radiographer in charge, and radiologist on-call to do the reporting. and we dun mind waiting.

its torturous for me.

it really is.

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