Wednesday, June 6, 2012

abah, post-biopsy

and its cnfirm - post-biopsy histo-patho exam - its Astrocytoma WHO Grades III. aku terdiam jap by the time the doc told me so. i knew its high grade tumor, but i never thk it'd dis far.

the doc told me its almost impossible to remove it surgically, or perhaps maybe. aku told the doc to tell sthg new. sthg i dun knw. and again, he told me he cant tell me much, its pending trow morn cnference wit all specialist, cnsultant and such. aku tau abh fhm every each words, but he kept lookin at me wit dat looks - aku dun knw how to describe.

they will call me real soon - for better options. maybe need ref to neuroncology HKL. maybe needs a chemo. maybe radio. maybe both.

yet mak awal2 lg not keen any of the above.

Grades III. at least its not IV. at least.. Ya Allah.

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abang ensem said...

Your story reminds me on one of my blogger's fren currently is having cancer stage IV. Pity him since anak2 dia semua kecik2 lagi.