Monday, May 21, 2012

hi there!

by 4am, aku dah bangun. mata dah segar bugar, i dun feel like crashin anymore. so aku turun bwh - made myself a big mug of Nescafe (as usual) and ke hulu ke hilir siap2 for work today. its Moday. who likes Monday? as for me - i do. at least for today. since aku tak pyh masuk ofc ari neh - aku will str8 off for lawatan pra-klinikal; pemantauan and clinical teaching to KK Padang Rengas and KK Gng Semanggol. jauh, aku tau. tapi according to Mr Bong, he purposely put me thru so dat 'lps settle sumer kerja, ko bley la blah pi tgh ayah ko keja.. since dah dkt dgn kampung, kan?' kinda thang. and dats wat i am gonna do today - tambah2 plak abah mak kat rumah ngah di Bagan Serai je.. tak la jauh mana. thanks to him. at time like dis - aku glad havin such so many nice good ppl around me. perhaps - Allah mempermudahkan it all, for me. ameen.

smpai dr KL semlm around 10pm. siap2 sumer - baju keje suar keje belt socks kasut etc - aku terus masuk tdo. tak la ngantok sgt - tp aku nak rht lbey sket. but since on the way back - aku rasa dkt 2 tin Nescafe aku teguk - darn i gotta struggle a bit to get my bloody eyes to close.. sedar2 dah 4ish am in the morn.


semlm, while aku mkn and tunggu Maghrib at R&R Sg Buloh, mak msged aku. she told me dat abah dah bley bgun perlahan2 from kerusi mls and wanted to solat so badly - and he did, wit his solat duduk. i terharu giler baca msg mak - aku terus called her up. and yeah - abah dah seolah2 getting better - ngah and adk2 were so delighted. and so do i - demi Allah. tho deep in me, i dun put much hope. no - dun get me wrong - as a medical personnel, i knw how it is. and alhamdulillah - mak too, she knew how it is. she told me - dgn kuasa Allah Taala, anythg cld be possible. tho shunt in abah's brain helped a lot - mak tau we cldnt do anythg wit the growth - for it keeps on growing, unless if abah go for a proper treatment - soon. 

but for now - dis is more than jst enuff for me. for all of us. abah is a strong man. he always is. we look up for him. and to see him break down like dis - it tears us apart. i knw it torn him apart, as well. 

all i want now - is a quality time wit him, wit us - the whole fmly. aku yakin ada hikmah di sebalik all dis - tho most of the time, aku wld be so blind dat i dun wats the good side of it. but aku yakin - Allah tidak turunkan ujian kepada hambaNya, jst like dat. 


need to siap2 now. i will see u around, peeps. u hav a glory Monday ya!

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