Saturday, May 26, 2012


off to Baling. wit angah, abg ngah and mak. singgah jat kat kdai spek - aku intended nak buat spek, since yg lama dah tertggal kat Sg Buloh. tokey kedai spek tu did a routine chck-up, and abah started to argue on thgs. my fault since aku tak explain btol2 rgrdg abah's cndition.

he kept on asking abah dis and dat, and abah dah nampak mcm hostile sket. aku bwk abh keluar - and aku explained to the guy, rgrdg abh's cndition. all we want is abh to hav a bit of clear vision - so he can enjoy life, do thgs better. regardless abh ada a bit of cataract or not. aku ckp kat tauke kdai spek - jst do a spek utk abh, dats it. and aku'll pay watever it is.

only after dat, the owner toned down. kalo tak he kept on preaching abh and me to go to specialist, get rid of the cataract et al.

and he gav us a good price, too.


abh dgn aku ok. dia dgr reasoning, my explaination. tp dgn angah and mak, he's a bit harsh. mak nanges2 cerita kat aku.. he argued dis and dat, keep repeating thgs, forgeting thgs - then marah mak as if mak tak ingatkan dia.

abh dah susut bdn sket. tp dah bley moves arnd, wit a bit of gait. orientation still poor. recent and immediate memory poor as well.

tak pa lah. ni masa abah. as anak abah, aku will face all dis. abah sgt liat nak pi berubat, he gives excuses and asking for reasons why. and aku tpaksa cnvince him, again and again - and each time i did, he'd jst stare into my eyes, wits so many thgs in his mind.

aku rasa sdey. but i cant go arnd showing it on my face.

i can take care of my dad, i can deal wit dat. but dis feelings in me - aku tak tau.. :’(

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