Wednesday, November 30, 2011


dat is my ABAH!

finally sumer org smpai dah kat rumah aku - angah and the monmons, mak abah, acik and fmly still otw. Soleh - perhaps dia will bertolak dr Melaka esok mlm - all since nak sambut kak yang and fmly back in ere for good, after like 4 yrs in Leeds, UK. mak abah - tak payah ckp; they r so happy and darn eager to hav em all back to the fmly. and so do we. i mean - all of us. its been yrs, really.

apart of it - aku happy since kak yang will be in ere wit her phd well. she'll be another doc in the house. darn i am a proud along, hell yeah!


and today as well - is abah's birthday. kak ngah and other masak nasi dagang and held sort of simple majlis doa selamat - mohon agar abah pjg umur, murah rezeki, sihat tubuh bdn fizikal dan mental - dlm keimanan dan ketaqwaan, insyaAllah. 

mak ada mengadu sket yg abah started to forget small thgs - which bagi aku, its kinda normal for his age. aku perasan tadi time mkn - bdn abah dah start - his muscle and such, dah susut sket ere and there.. aku rasa a bit sdey, tp i gez dats the way it is. one day - kalo umur aku pjg mcm umur abah - aku will go thru it all, too.



selamat ulang tahun kelahiran, abah. along doakan abah pjg umur dan sihat tubuh badan. along doakan segala kebaikan, kesejahteraan abah - dunia dan akhirat. along doakan agar dipermudahkan segala-galanya - urusan dan apa jua - di dunia dan di akhirat. along bangga jadi anak abah. along bangga for abah dah didik along and adik2 - to be wat and who we r now. 

along tau - along might not be the best son ur hoping for - but then, ur the best i've ever had in dis whole life. i knw we dun talk dat much - but God knws how along sayang abah. how along care pasal abah. along tau kdg2 abah kecik ati - bila along dan adik2 call - terus cari mak and such.. but trust me - it doesnt dat we dun love u. and dat doesnt mean as if kami 'tak sedar abah still around', as abah selalu ngomel kat mak.. no, it is not. along tau abah knws we love u. and we do care for u.

abah dah byk berubah skang. dulu - kami semua takut dgn abah. kami lbey senang dgn mak. tp skang - abah dah mula tanya dis and dat, and kami tau - abah is jst dat. no, it is not ur mistakes pun. neither ours. its jst - abah is like. and we sayang abah, and we take dat as it is. as a package. dis is abah - we love u for wat ur. for who ur. as wat ur. nthg more, and nothg less. and kami jeles tgk abah layan cucu2 abah nowadays - how i wish abah wld be like dat, time kitorang kecik2 dulu.. haha.. again - along tak complain. never ever think of complaining pun. abah tau, kan? as mak selalu ckp, 'abah hang.. kalo dgn cucu..'

abah, selamat ulang tahun kelahiran.. dr along, kak ngah, acik, kak yang and soleh juga. dr semua2 cucu abah, mak too. kami semua sayang abah. theres nthg in the world to compare dgn abah sorang. abah garang. tp kami tetap sayang.

abah, along syg abah. along akan jaga abah. jst exactly mcmana abah jaga along. all dis yrs - all dis freaking yrs. dr along kecik, smpai skang. i'll take care of u. no matter wat it is.

along syg abah. selamat hari, abah!

Monday, November 28, 2011

gnite, love.

gnite, sweet pie. i cant wait to hear of u trow. its not normal to not hav u as a part of my life. being away from u has made me want to be wit u - way even more. ur one truly a remarkable person. ur funny. tot-ful. u knw how to appreciate me darn well. i've never met anyone like u. ur darn special, and so precious to me. its physically hurts me to think of u wit someone else - it really does. ur freaking perfect for me. and i knw u've said dat u think u hav to live up to being perfect, becoz i see u dat way. but u dun.

its not any of the big thgs dat make u special - its the lil ones. ur words - cheer me up. ur joke. a glance. a touch. darn all those lil thgs dat keep me fallin in love wit u over and over again. its the lil thgs dat count. i dun see how any other ppl wldnt want to be wit u. u deserve the best - and i do hope i am good enuff even as i type dis - i can feel ur presence around me, and i love it. dammit, i love u.

i do hope dis puts a smile on ur face becoz it makes u so good wit ur precious smile on.

sweet dream, hun. i miss u. and u knw i love u - so much.

Friday, November 25, 2011

those days..

Tiber2 aku rasa rindu for a proper break like i had a year bck - wit a good, well arranged tentative, well planned and programmed. Where i need not to worry a thang, for i hav a trusted person who will deal wit all dat.

Darn i wish i cld turn bck the time.

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ting tong-ness

my name is Ting Tong,
Ting Tong Macadangdang..



crashed around 1am semlm. and the best part is, around 3.45am - aku terjaga and dats it - dah tak bley tdo. tension giler. i was around, lingering in the house, atas bwh until finally aku gav up - creeped back into the crib at 4.30am, try to close my eyes. i knw i did off for MumuLand yeah, but i remember my head was still workin. haish. thrice snoozing the alarm - aku woke up at 6.30am - wit the ting tong-ness, and freakin shyte kinda surprise seeing my both eyes havin dis LV bags. i mean - the unwanted kinda LV lah! kalo real Louis Vuitton, tak pe!

darn aku look hideous wit the eye-bags, God sake.

back then - who cares. wit or wit out the eye bags, i am hideous myself. haha

TGI. thank God. esok ada kenduri kat Slim River. gotta go early lah. to be fank - aku tak berapa keen kenduri2 kawin neh. i love lauk kenduri kawen - its different. tp the crowd and such - not my cuppa. i gotta go mingle around, seeing new faces - not my cuppa as well. i gotta go break the ice, create sort of conversation wit strangers - darn it aint my cuppa as well. tp tak pe lah - dah kena jemput. i'd jst go, see the pengantin, the family, kiss kiss, tell tales, kasik adiah, gelak2, mkn and off i go lah.

and Monday 28/11 cuti! yay!!

btw - u hav a good TGIF guys. and enjoy the coming weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


home by 6.30pm - after the barber et al. mandi2, lite dinner, Maghrib and aku dah tersedia terbungkang infront of the idiotbox. i wanted to crush, God sake - but i alrdy made a plan - and i hav to get it done by tonite - aku kena go out and buy thgs for the dapur, house and such.

and aku decided to go to Tesco Extra - ample parking lot, luas and kalo even ramai org sekali pun - aku can still pushing the trolley like nbdy biz.

by 11pm - i am done. smpai rumah, downloaded all, kemas dapur, susun brg2 out from the plastic bag, isi mana yg kosong, toiletries sumer2.. mandi dan Isya'. i am now - darn baru terasa so bloody penat, and mata aku dha hardly bukak pun. i hope for a better sleep tonite - its been few nites now since aku tdo tak lena, terjaga awal - make me feel so lethargic.