Saturday, July 2, 2011

life and more..

life is..
er, watever it is u want it to be.

in life - we can always learn somethg new. in fact - we hav to learn somethg new, for every day, is a brand new day. we live and learn, remember? i used to tell my students a lot - its ok to do mistakes in life - for if we do one, we will learn somethg in return. and if we r afraid to come up wit mistakes - we r not gonna learn a thang, anyway. but then again - its a rule of thumb to learn from a mistake - for if u keep on doin the same mistake - again and again, darn well, ur not learning a thang. ur a moron.. u knw wat i mean.

i like the idea of learning to live a life in a way dat we must be able to pick the positive side of everythg. comments, statements and such. good thgs and bad thgs happened to us for reasons. our task is to find out the reason behind it and to always bear in mind dat wat we r surrounded by karma. wat we giv, we get back in return. wat goes around, will always comes around. do shyte to others, some other ppl will do shyte back to u. life is a wheel. and it goes like dat.

one thg i always keep in mind is try to be as good as i can to myself, and to others as well - treat others well, and not to lie to myself and to other ppl. its kinda hardly alrite, knwing the world we're living in now.. but darn we hav to try, rite? coz when we do good, i believe dat good thgs will eventually come along and be wit u.

and i wanna share dis some of the thang i called as; 'the lessons in life..';

  1. u cant change other ppl. and its rude to even try. they hav to change if they want to - if they can see y they hav to.
  2. those who complain the most - accomplish the least. speak less then, do more work.
  3. remember dat if ur talkin to someone u dun knw well, u may be talkin to someone who knows way more about watever ur talkin about - than u do.
  4. everyone likes somebdy who gets to the point, quickly.
  5. u dun jst talk, u gotta walk ur talk.
  6. jokes r mend to be told once in a blue moon.. keep repeating the same bloody joke? its puke-able.
  7. yelling always makes thgs worse.
  8. when ever ur worried about wat others will think of u, ur really jst worried about wat u'll think of u.
  9. i think - if u never doubt ur beliefs, then ur wrong, a lot.
  10. nbdy has it all figured out.
  11. whenever u hate somethg - it hates u back - ppl, situations, inanimate objects alike u name it u get.
  12. most of wat we see is only wat we think about wat we see.

i am hungry. think i shld be goin downstairs now.

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