Friday, July 1, 2011


kinda boring tonite. aku shldve been goin to the KSKB for the orientation - but i decided not to since.. nah, i dun hav a reason for dat pun. aku simply - malas. so ere i am - done selecting few new songs for trow early morn aerobic wit the juniors. yeah - i knw. its kinda like, every 6 months nyer keje bg aku. aku tak kisah pun - i was trained wit dat. cuma dgn stdnt2 neh - aku dun really all out wit the steps - most of them r not interested and wld be darn sleepy by then. imagine - its 6.45am in the morn., silly. so - i'd rather pun on some musics, and make em move their fatty arse, and stretch-up till they wont forget me, and my name for the whole 3yrs in a row. heh.

online now - din see any reason pun. ada few kwn2 yg online - bz. ada yg online - tup2 je trus offline.. as usual. sometime - dis is the only time u wanna actually 'meet' ppl up - when at the real life - sms susah, sms tak berbalas, call tak berjwb, call pyh, no return call etc.

think i shld go out for a while.

online pun mcm ampeh je.

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Aby QisIma said...

... terkenang pulak saya akan "kisah" saya ye shahe.. :p ... aalllaaaa... yg tak balas sms pun ... heheheheeee.. : )