Sunday, July 3, 2011

IIR2011, done! yay.

me, before the run.
see my face - muka kecut.

Yim - damn i am so proud
to be able to hav dis wit him!

me, the after-math.
yay!! er, dpt sijil. nak frame.
bley? haha

me and Yim.
he did 21km and dpt medal.
bravo! one day, mister!
one day! hoho

today started as early as 5am. i was still yawning, yet i hav to head the washroom - since before 6.30am - aku dah kena register kat Jabatan Belia dan Sukan around Stadium Ipoh for the Ipoh International Run 2011. by 6.15am - aku alrdy there, kinda lost dammit. so many ppl, a bit chaotic. dis is my first time runnin for such event - and gez how i feel? 2 kali berulang tandas, pedih perut - since tak sempat breakie. aku tak fikir breakie is the main poin pun - aku hardly had breakie on ordinary days. aku was to anxious and gelabah. dats the point. stumbled into Shah, Yim. kinda nice seein him around. talkin to them made me way better. both of em dan sort of pro., runnin ere and there.. aku rasa kecik sgt, dammit. and Yim - he's in baju Melayu biru sepasang siap sampin!! he's opt for 21km. argkh. pengsan. haha

aku siap bwk iPod aku - so dat aku wldnt feel boring during the running. and gez wat - fcuk since aku lupa nak charge, and the battery was like completely drained out! big time. senyum je la..

7am, aku started lari. damn! the adrenalin r all over the places. different kinda ppl. different kinda races. age. gender. clad in all different kinda colors, baju and such. it was nice to be in the middle of a huge sea of ppl - heading for one point. surprisingly aku can keep my runnin in a good pace wit all others, and aku hardly stop. cuma after like 4km, aku started to catch breath, and aku slowed down a bit. u may smile sheepishly, but 10km is a huge number for me - and during my ordinary jog pun, 2km pun dah enuff torturing me. but dis is 10km - for a beginner, for a plain guy yg tak do any praktis prior the run - and never join such event pun. hahaha

and gez wat? aku finally finished up the whole deal w/in 8omins. God knws how glad i am, how happy i am. finishing up thg i never tot i wld. God, i never even think i'd get dis done!! but i did. hohoho.. aku mula rasa seronok wit the whole thang. the running. the crowd. the endorphin it brings. the satisfaction. theres a feelin in me yg aku tatau nak explain mcmana - best la kot. i mean - it was more than jst dat. aku dah register pun for Tourism Taiping Heritage Run 2011, dis coming 11 Sep. 2011 in Taiping.. wld be fun, eh? running in my old lil town? hehe

aku still smiling to myself - even now. tho now - i hav to suffer the consequences - aku melecet around paha (celah bedah tu) and both at the armpit - bergesel dgn singlet aku la tu. its painful, alrite. aku hav to sapu a bit of losyen so dat kurang sikit sakit, and soothed it down, plus less friction. kalo esok tak lega jugak - mati la aku jalan mengangkang dpn student! huwaaa..

i am done wit dinner. mkn sikit je since tak lalu mana pun. baju for trow - done mix and match, siap iron. painkiller aku dah telan - hoping trow bagun tak la sakit mana sgt bdn2 aku neh - darn i gotta work trow!

gnite, ppl!

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