Monday, June 6, 2011


Prof Zul is giving talk kat depan. Ameer duduk sebelah kanan aku. and Akram duduk sebelah kiri aku. Ameer hav the Berita Harian on his screen, while Akram is surfing on somethg non-porn, of coz.. me? i am doin dis update of coz. but the three of us ttp looking to the front while sebelah mata lagik on our own screen. my jari jemari r on the keyboard while my both eyes looking at Prof Zul, attentively. heh. i am good at dat. u shld tgk my serious face lookin the huge white screen infront while i am doin somethg else. hehe.. bley?

dis whole shait shall be done by 5pm. and aku will head back the Putra Court. the whole course shld be done by 10pm initially - but thank God, after some nego., 5pm dha bley chabut - except for any changes at the end of the day.

byk many faces in the group dis time around. aku rasa they r all from the earlier cohort la kot - sah2 la kes tukar suka sama suka etc. ada jugak ramai yg aku kenal, tp most of em semua skema2.. watdya expect - nursing lecturers, seniors. except for guys like me, Ameer and Akram - yg duduk belakang and awal2 lagik dah buat 'bising'.

aku dah start ngantuk.

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