Tuesday, June 7, 2011


u wanna try me?

dats how i feel. i feel like slapping dis one makcik - my senior lecturer yg keep on complaining dis and dat - sayin 'u din do much', 'u shld do dis and dat', 'i din see any differences from the previous group' kinda thang. who ru? ur jst a plain peserta like us all, and u complainin a lot? i think u shld take all the modules and shove up ur smelly.. nvm.

me and Gurjid done presenting our Unit 4 - Prof Zul nampak mcm ada yg tak puas ati - he tried to tell a thg or two, but i am scared the others tak fhm. i think i do, tp still kinda blur. so he left sitting at the corner, wit arms around his chest.. u knw wats dat mean. the body language, gestures et al. but then - Prof Mahes did giv us a good comment, and said us both didi a good job. awww, so sweet.


theres coupla thgs i wanna write, but i think it'd be safe if i jst keep it bottled up. i din see any good pun of jotting em all down.

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