Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ur swing.

When ur young, u'd wonder whether ur swing cld flip over the metal bar at the top, swing u all the way arnd and throw u to the ground - bruised and broken. When ur a kid, u tot it cld happen - but u werent afraid. U wanna make it happen and u dun giv it a shait of the consequences. All grown up, u knw it cant happen, and u knw its for real. Ur filled wit fear. U swing slower, instead of pumpin for the sky. U dun jump off like u did when ur a kid - u slow urslf to a stop. U'd never fling urslf into a mid-air-swing, bcoz ur no longer dreamin of flying. Ur full of fear. Ur jst worryin abt how ur goin to land. Dun u thk so?

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