Monday, June 13, 2011

u r..

are you.. "

i always believe dat we become wat we think we are. if we hav poor self-esteem, its becoz we think we r stupid, ugly and so forth. stand in front of the full length mirror and look at yrself. if u feel good about the image in front of u - u'll feel good the whole day. but if u as much as say 'yuckss', then u will feel lousy thru out the day. u basically hav allowed ur own perception of urself to mess up ur day, God sake.

wats worse is that some of us discount urselves and judgment of others. u hav thus become a slave to the opinios and judgment of others.

ur very important. u can soar like a seagull and gallop like a horse if u want to. but if u think u cant, then u cant! it u think u will defeated, then u will be defeated. stand up and be the winner - that u were meant to be!



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