Thursday, June 2, 2011


finally aku managed to sit and go thru aku nyer blog yg hampir bersawang neh. tot aku off-FB aku wld get more time to do the blogging, but apparently tak jugak.. theres so many thgs happened thru the weekend, so many thgs i wanted to jot in - but as usual - long as aku tak amek effort to sit and write - i wont be able to do exactly as aku want to. theres so many thgs to share - but then thgs r said and done - sort of basi and aku malas nak tulis.

aku will leave the town again, soon. dis weekend off to KL for a week since ada bengkel/keje kat OUM sanun. damn i cant wait - for so many reason. to be away from the office - yeah, dats one of it.

rumah sunyi. damn sunyi. aku done wit laundry - tp mls nak sidai. esok pagi je lah. kemas ruang dpn tv, kemas dapur.. and dats it. aku naik atas - mandi, iron baju, into the boxer - and ere i am. shld be heading MumuLand soon - esok dah keje.



solomolo said...

see Sir in Kl !~

narraka88 said...

tc our beloved sir..
see u agaian next semester..:)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

SoloMolo - ye ye.. lets tea-tariking!

Izani - u hav a great break then! make sure back in one piece! :-)