Thursday, June 9, 2011

OUM - 4th day!

i aint sure wat it is.

damn. aku lupa nak update OUM for the 3rd day! heh.

so today - its the 4th day. another presentation will be in dis petang. so sumer participant yg dok tunggang langgang buat module neh - muka sekor2 dah mcm zomba zombi, frustrated cldnt xcess the YouTube sepasal, ini tak bley itu tak bley - and Prof Zul nak sthg yg 'tak boring' and 'menarik'. urgkhh.

had a conversation wit Azman on the phone jst now - he's on MC again today. semlm he went to see a doc; dis doc diagnosed him as Acute Gastritis since he's complaining of havin a backache. a backache for Acute Gastritis? awal2 lagik aku dah confuse. but when he told me dat he's doin kinda OK after the med., aku rasa ok la kot.. tp still - i cant see the kaitan antara back pain and a Gastritis. so today - the pain persist. he went off for a second opinion. and dang - the doc told him dat he mght be havin a plain myalgia aka muscle pain - wit the symptoms of cramping, aching dull in nature back there in the pinggang area. and gez wat the doc giv? Celebrex. which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain or inflammation. good choice, dat is. i hope he's gonna get better alrite, soon insyaAllah.

went for urut kaki wit Ghaz and Ikhwan semlm. it was raining kucing dan anjing.. but we still we went. tak byk gerai pun yg bukak - perhaps its was still early.

had a shake for 9am drink! believe it r not? and it tastes wonderful! damn i am gonna be thin after dis. hahaha

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