Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OUM - 2nd day!

second day in ere. fluctuating mood. hate to describe it. and i wanna get rid of it. i wanna talk about it - but i din see any way of doin it. so it keeps on coming back and bothering me. to be frank - i hate it.

had an early breakfast wit Kak Tin and Ghaz at Bank Negara's one of the cafe. had a nice bihun goreng - spicy yet nice. and i was damn full. full. not foul. or fool. and jst now - i had another break, of course. nasik lemak some more. dang.

thgs went well so far. aku started to see the real thang now. the module we r makin, the task et al. and ptg kang there'll be presentation - and as usual; dlm kumpulan aku - aku sorang je perempuan berkunits.. sah2 la aku jugak la yg kena present! dang. again.


aidid adha said...

bihun goreng, nasik lemak, muffin n cinabon all in 1/2 a day and you're complaining ur fat.. huhuhu..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Aidid - who says i am complainin? btw - who says i am fat at the first place? hahaha