Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a long day..

imagine dis - ur there since 9am, rite up till 5pm in a so-called meeting cum briefing, about so many thgs cramped in - wit jst a 2 breaks in between. and ur in the middle of all dis slightly old nursing lecturers - which is so closed-minded, vertical thinking, and love to pick one another - over a small petty lil thgs. we all the male, so-called new generation kinda lecturers were like tersepit in between - and theres nothg much we can do. KSKB will be up soon - we r all will be in one huge management - damn i dun knw how its gonna be like.

aku skipped lunch, for i dun feel like to hav anythg at all. and by 3pm - aku dah started to hav dis bloody headache, light-headed. yet theres still so many thgs to discuss, and aku barely tahan anymore.

5pm, aku trus blah. tak balik ofc pun. head home trus. it was raining heavily. and all i hav in mind is to be home, take a shower, and lay my head down..

ISC called, aku need to be there. looks like aku kena drive up to Png again - alone.

i wish i cld hav someone, around.


solomolo said...

nak ikut pi Penang !~

aidid adha said...

wish i can drive you to penang.. :-(

jerry maguire, jr. said...

SoloMolo - dah balik pun..

Aidid - so sweet of u.