Sunday, June 12, 2011

a long day, dat is.

its been a long day, today. reached KB by 6.30am - aku was so damn tired, sleepy like hell. smpai rumah terus tido - tak sempat tukar baju and such pun.. by 11.30am, dah bgun and siap2.. since nak kena bertolak balik Ipoh pulak. jadi supir, as usual. but then - aku never complain. its my obligation - and i hav to do it well. but then again - dis was the first time; when aku hardly drive well - mid of the journey, aku terpaksa 'surrender' and mintak someone else do the driving since i need a crash, damn so much. and i did. so from Lawin to Ipoh - aku take cover back again, do the driving - tho still, aku kinda sleepy. and drowsy.


its been 2yrs now. and i am still standing tall. i am proud of it. been thru thick and thin. and it changed me a lot. it makes me wat i am now - and i hav no regret. i am glad, in a way. and i thanked God as well. it makes me stronger. it makes me treasure life better than anythg at all.

and i knw its gonna be more yrs to come.



aidid adha said...

2 years can teach u a lot. it can be short and it can be long. depending on how you cherish it. my last two years has been great..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Aidid - glad for u.. :-)