Thursday, June 23, 2011

life? *yawn*

life - is always about giv and take. its all about balancing ur actions in life. dis means dat u cant always get wat u want - w/o givin somethg to other ppl too.

and hav u come across the word 'virtue'? it is one small word wit a big meaning. as for me - i define it as somethg good and somethg morally right dat u hav w/in urself. i gez dats the best definition dat i can giv la.. (but if u want a good one - go get a diction). so - wats the connection (or relationship) between life's balance and virtue? i think those 2 terms really connect to one another, in the sense where somehow virtue gives u the insight and tots about how to live ur life - in balance. i remember reading about dis in one good article about wat it takes to be a person of good virtue on self esteem enhances life.

i remember it says about virtues - be admired - live a good life kinda thang. to be a person of good virtue - does mean livin a good life. givin as well as takin. sharin as well as using. lookin out for others as well as looking after emsleves. tryin to act for the common good, rather than jst for some selfish reasons. darn dat all sounds a bit nebulous to me. hehe

and so it may.

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aidid adha said...

erk.! what's nebulous? nebula tau lah.. such a bombastic word.. huhuhu..