Monday, June 20, 2011

life is..

life can be strange sometime. it can be harsh. it can be nice as well. life can be cruel. weird. name it, u got it. life, it can be funny too. for instance - u hav wat u need in front of u, but all u see r all those beautiful unnecessary thgs - and u want em all so badly, u started to leave behind dat one thang belongs to u. and the next thg u knw - u hav nthg at all.

u cld leave wit no choices at all. u cld be too, leave wit so many choices to choose - ur then drown in it. u start to lose ur senses, ur not sure wat to choose - when all u need, is rite in front of u.

the thg is - life can be the way u want it to be. its u to live life, its u to determine hows its gonna be for u. and its up to u. nah, i am not a guy whom highly educated to understand dis. but i gez its simple. its a plain simple to understand.

life cld be a one-way street thang. but its the way we live life is - its completely different. wat u do now will determine ur future. wat happens now cld be a consequences of wat u've done a day before. take it as wat u believe in, but i am telling u - its correlate wit one another. its like - u gotta learn to love urself, to love someone else. its like - u gotta respect others, for others to respect u in return. and its like u gotta learn to appreciate others, if only u wanna be appreciated as well. and u dun wanna do shait, if u refused others to do shait on u too.

and life is no way an island. u gotta be able to relate urslf wit someone - be it who ever it is; someone u love, a fren, a fmly and such.

for at the end of the day - dis is the only thang u got, beside urslf.


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