Thursday, June 23, 2011

its Thursday dah!

crashed around 30mins post midnite - and by 4am, aku dha tak bley lena, so aku walked out of the main room - aku lepak kat bilik belakang, and terlena jap kat katil bujang there wit the window wide open. 5.46am, aku terjaga since org dah azan - Subhanallah, it was so soothing to get up and sit on ur bed, listening to the azan.. theres a feelin in me i cant describe; tenang, lapang and such. aku bingkas bgun, mandi and solat. by 6.10am sthg, aku dah settled wit a big mug of Nescafe panas dah siap bancuh.. so ere i am - dah siap in baju keje et al, lepak2 jap tunggu 'time'. hehe.. er, yeah - jam baru today! excited plak, mcm budak2.

theres a few changes around me - i prefer to sit down and watch. good ppl, player, coward ppl, love to be used, and abused (yet tak sedar2), and a lot more. theres no use to interfere, let alone to intervene pun. if it is meant to be dat way - then it is meant to be lah. manusia berubah, kdg2 ckp tak serupa bikin. i gez dats human.

and darn - for the first time after like so long - aku had a dream waktu tido mlm tadi. aku hardly remember it all, tapi still do - sket2. its kinda pelik, really. i dun knw how to put it anyway - but.. heh, i gez a dream is always a dream lah kan. and a dream is sort of like some unfinished bisnes - u cant deal it during ur 'reality time' dat u bring it together wit u - into ur sleep.. :-(

its gonna be darn bz at work today, i assume. today and trow. tp aku mls nak fikir2 sgt - yg penting - esok aku amek half-day.. aku ada one big agenda to attend. heh.

nthg else in mind - except for the weekend. btw - hav a good day, ppl!

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