Thursday, June 30, 2011

IIR 2011.

run, baby

yeah. Ipoh International Run 2011. my first try neh. gigih tak? lari bergega2 muka bumi, ttp nak join international run katanya.. dats me lah, anyway. btw - aku jst try my luck. mmg from the beginning aku nak try all dis - tp i dun hav the nerve. i dun hav 'trust' in my ownself dat i can do dis.. er, jap - i am not even run lagik pun, eh? how wld i knw dat i can do it.. darn - see?

anyway - i was jst nak try my luck. see how far i can push myself. so aku start wit kategori yg paling ciput. hahaha.. tak le nak compare dgn Yim and few kwn from KL yg also participate. heh. sah2 la aku way back tertinggal kat belakang.

demam still. pg2 lagik lps Subuh aku dah telepon Bong, thinking of nak amek cuti je and rehat kat rumah.. back then - today (kalo jadi.. i mean - kalo jadi!!), is the day for pindah2 and angkut brg bagai to the new builing of KSKB UK - and i need to knw where i'd be stationed, and such. argkhh.

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solomolo said...

good luck and all the best Sir...