Sunday, June 12, 2011

i will..

i will fall for a someone, who will -

stand out in the rain wit me
cook wit, or for me
let me sing along to the radio - listen to wat we want to,
not to jst wat u want to
keep surprising me.. yeah, keep surprising me..
watch movies wit me on some lazy days -
no yawning, no sleeping, no 'wtf kinda movie is dat' post-watchin
remember the lil thgs, all those petty thgs
makes me laugh
help me face my fears
talk to me
listen to me
walk beside me - thru the lazy days
- not walk in front of me.. and left me struggling
start play-fights wit me - water, words, anythg
write me post-it letters, cards; conventionally
always says wats on his/her mind
shut me up wit kisses (hoho..)
call me thgs like 'darling' - not 'baby'
hug me and say, 'no, ur not..' when i keep on sayin dat i'm fine
treat me, wit respect
and treat me - sometimes - like a child
treat me - sometimes - like an adult
and love me back.

too much aye? haha



sue said...

not too much, just nice..

-want dat kinda person too, sob-

Aby QisIma said...

for me.. not too much.. it's more "way too perfect" .. hehehehee..

hope u'll find the right person soon.. :D

aidid adha said...

wow..!! way way too much..! good luck buddy.. try the mumuland..? or Shahe-OCDland.. huhuhu

aidid adha said...

btw, everybody walks in front of you.. huhuhu.. with that short legs of yours how to catch up.. tak caya tanya pinkie.. :-p

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Sue - its a matter of time. u'll find one!

Aidid - i hate u. esp the 2nd comment. purely absurd, keji-est of all! hahaha

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Aby - really? :-)

Aby QisIma said...

jerry .. triple YUP .. heheheheee.. u know the person u r missing every moment.. u know the person u r in love with.. well, if that person falls in the categories above, u've found the right one then.. otherwise, keep searching.. heheheee.. morning shahe.. AsSalam.. ;-)