Monday, June 6, 2011


damn! we r learning how to learn using the hyperlink, catching graphics and put em all into the documents now! i was like.. wow! i mean - WOW!.

and 'aunties' r so into it, concentrating like nbdy biz! some even marah the IT lecturer since he is goin to fast and they cannot catch!

me, Ameer and Akram - we r like.. 'wow, dis is amazing!', 'omg, i did it!', 'shait, i dun believe dis''.. wit tangan ke bahu and mata tgk atas.



solomolo said...

mesti terkebil2 IT lecturer tu kena marah...
tangan ke bahu and mata tgk atas ???
curlast !!!~

jerry maguire, jr. said...

SoloMolo - hahaha.. sah2. byg kan misi2 tahap makcik2 kat wad marah patient.. mcm tu lah! haha