Wednesday, June 22, 2011


woke up early dis mornin, i hav a fairly good kinda sleep.. tido2 ayam, tp alhamdulillah - i think its enuff for me rather not be able to sleep at all. woke up fresh, free mind and wit a free head - aku mls nak start thinkin thgs unnecessarily. i've done somethg i shldve been doin way back earlier and alhamdulillah, it makes me feel kinda o.k.

shall be leavin home soon. head to the office, and i shall hit the road str8 to where i shld be. few thgs in mind - but as usual, if i think a lot, it'd be disastrous. i mght as well face it, as it is. be it watever it may come - it is there for me - and theres nthg else dat i can do. i hope i can settle thgs early and shoot back in ere in time. darn i had a lot to do in the office before the weekend comes knockin.

u hav a good day ahead, today ya. jgn lupa br8fast, mak marah kalo tak br8fast pagi - 'its crucial', as mak wld always told us. heh.

be back, when i am back.


aidid adha said...

hope everything is ok for you. Pray for the best..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Aidid - thanks.