Friday, June 10, 2011

does it hurt u?

love u so much -
dat it hurts?

love is sucha wondering feeling. u wake up in the morn wit a sense of purpose, u always hav a goofy grin on ur face. u walk around wit a bounce in ur steps and ppl can automatically tell dat sthg wonderful has happened. when ur wit uf significant other, nthg else in the world seems to matter. theres no one else in the world dat can love u even more and u cld love more. life is great.. when ur together - otherwise; it jst hurts so bad.

but - is it true?

everyone says love hurts, but i dun think so. and it aint true. rejection hurts. losing someone huts. envy hurts. screaming to one another hurts. not talking to each other hurts. everybdy gets these thgs confused wit love - but in reality, love is the only thg in dis whole wide world dat covers up all pain and makes someone feels wonderful again.

love is the only thg in dis world - dat does not hurt.

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