Friday, June 3, 2011

Azman Abdullah, Saif - Happy Birdie!

he's mokmok..
but who cares? he's jst himeself!
Azman Abdullah.

cute, aye?
eat ur heart out! hoho
Saiful Izam aka Saif.

its a special day for me. for both of the above. its their bird-day! i mean - its their birthdays.. 3rd of June, yeah. such a pleasant suprise - a nice one indeed - for dis both special person to me; sharing a beautiful day, dat is.

Azman Abdullah - a simple person, joyful, realistic, never fails to make me laugh like all the time, matured - damn he's way better than me in most of the thang, and i adore him damn much. i remember wrote the same thang for him and Saif too - on the same date, last year.. Azman, Happy Bird-day, bro! may all the dreams, all the wishes - they will come true insyaAllah.. for a better life, better future - dlm keimanan dan ketaqwaan. cepat2 dpt cahaya mata weh! haha

Saif - its ur day! knew u way years back now, i am honored really. ur one sweet thang, charming. and u knw it alrite.. Happy Birdie. semoga tahun ni, dan tahun2 mendatang akan bring u even much more fun, love and all those good thgs in life, insyaAllah.

darn i love u both. i really do. proud to be ur fren, ur brother. proud to knw u both. heh, i am honored!

Happy Bird-Day, u both. and dis entry is solely for u both. hope it makes ur big day, better!



alhaqimi said...

erkk! nak entry mcm gni gak nnt! kene baik lebey la nnt neh!...happy bird-day both of you! haha

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Kimi - hahaha.. every good frens of mine will hav one, insyaAllah! ur inclded. hehe