Sunday, June 19, 2011

after all - said and done..

Pasir Bogak,
Pulau Pangkor.

the above r some of the pics takes while i was away in Pangkor dis weekend - Pasir Bogak to be precise. i've been there for so many time, and each time - i never fails to bring my camera along.

some ppl said i was kinda lost touch - in taking pics, dat is. i hardly amek gambar pun lately - for each time aku pegang kamera - i jst dun knw wat to take, and i hardly 'see' anythg at all. i gez, dats true. nothg extravaganza pun in the pics yg aku amek. i used to use all dis amek pics as one of the outlet to vent out - the loneliness in me, the hatred et al. and i knw i aint hav any, lately.

but i knw - its gonna change.

i hope the above will do fine for u ppl. i knw - they shldve been way better than jst dat. insyaAllah, i'll be back wit way much better than the above.


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