Thursday, June 30, 2011

IIR 2011.

run, baby

yeah. Ipoh International Run 2011. my first try neh. gigih tak? lari bergega2 muka bumi, ttp nak join international run katanya.. dats me lah, anyway. btw - aku jst try my luck. mmg from the beginning aku nak try all dis - tp i dun hav the nerve. i dun hav 'trust' in my ownself dat i can do dis.. er, jap - i am not even run lagik pun, eh? how wld i knw dat i can do it.. darn - see?

anyway - i was jst nak try my luck. see how far i can push myself. so aku start wit kategori yg paling ciput. hahaha.. tak le nak compare dgn Yim and few kwn from KL yg also participate. heh. sah2 la aku way back tertinggal kat belakang.

demam still. pg2 lagik lps Subuh aku dah telepon Bong, thinking of nak amek cuti je and rehat kat rumah.. back then - today (kalo jadi.. i mean - kalo jadi!!), is the day for pindah2 and angkut brg bagai to the new builing of KSKB UK - and i need to knw where i'd be stationed, and such. argkhh.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

demam still.

woke up at 6am - after like 3 times aku snoozed kan jam aku yg terjerit2 gerak aku bgun. tensi weh! dah la mlm aku tak bley tido mana.. badan sejuk panas, sejuk panas.. pasang kipas salah, pasang air-cond pun salah.. finally aku terpaksa jugak bgun at 6 since bju tak iron lagik.. haisshh. by 7am - aku dah ready drove kete kuar parking.

badan still demam. mild myalgia ere and there - especially around neck aku. aku mls sgt kalo sakit2 badan mcm neh.. seksa sgt. biar je demam je aku tak kisah.. tp kalo sakit2 bdn, selsema pulak.. haiyooo.. never! masuk ofis - aku rasa nak kuar balik ofis. bley? but then - ada meeting, and aku kena attend. as usual - as org yg tak penting mana neh - aku lepak belakang2 je la.. heh.

lunch time. i am done wit most of the thgs. shall i go back now?


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


By noon, aku started to feel uneasy. Tekak rasa perit, a lil headache, and bdn dah mula rasa pns. Cld be bcoz lack of rest. Or perhaps, adverse effect of med. I hate to be dis way. And i hate to feel dis way. It is nice to be able to sleep arnd the clock, of coz. But not in dis fluctuating body temp. Darn i gotta do smthg abt dis, for i need to run my shait out, and get fit before dis 3rd of July. Er, is it 3rd? Damn. Heh, btw - its nthg to do wit dat abso-dammit-lutely gojes Kylie Minogue.. :-(

Ur swing.

When ur young, u'd wonder whether ur swing cld flip over the metal bar at the top, swing u all the way arnd and throw u to the ground - bruised and broken. When ur a kid, u tot it cld happen - but u werent afraid. U wanna make it happen and u dun giv it a shait of the consequences. All grown up, u knw it cant happen, and u knw its for real. Ur filled wit fear. U swing slower, instead of pumpin for the sky. U dun jump off like u did when ur a kid - u slow urslf to a stop. U'd never fling urslf into a mid-air-swing, bcoz ur no longer dreamin of flying. Ur full of fear. Ur jst worryin abt how ur goin to land. Dun u thk so?


Which one?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

life? *yawn*

life - is always about giv and take. its all about balancing ur actions in life. dis means dat u cant always get wat u want - w/o givin somethg to other ppl too.

and hav u come across the word 'virtue'? it is one small word wit a big meaning. as for me - i define it as somethg good and somethg morally right dat u hav w/in urself. i gez dats the best definition dat i can giv la.. (but if u want a good one - go get a diction). so - wats the connection (or relationship) between life's balance and virtue? i think those 2 terms really connect to one another, in the sense where somehow virtue gives u the insight and tots about how to live ur life - in balance. i remember reading about dis in one good article about wat it takes to be a person of good virtue on self esteem enhances life.

i remember it says about virtues - be admired - live a good life kinda thang. to be a person of good virtue - does mean livin a good life. givin as well as takin. sharin as well as using. lookin out for others as well as looking after emsleves. tryin to act for the common good, rather than jst for some selfish reasons. darn dat all sounds a bit nebulous to me. hehe

and so it may.


i believe dat potong rambut and alter all the stache plus ur beard - goatee wat ever not is an art itself. kalo tak pandai pegang gunting, or even shaver (mcm aku) - sah2 tak jadik exactly the way u wanted it to be.. so - after work tadik, around 6pm - aku terus ke barber yg aku selalu pergi. org tak ramai, so sekejap je dah smpai turn aku. initially i was thinkin - may be i shld be keepin the hair back as usual.. tp, ramai plak yg dah tegur ckp rambut aku dah pjg, looked unkempt - plus tadak plak org yg tegur jgn potong rambut.. aku decided to back to square. 0 for my head, and keep the goatee as usual. darn aku feel so ringan kepala aku.

dinner tonite - at Restoren Simpang Tiga at Greentown Biz Center, sempena Mr Zul pindah ke BPL, KL. Amer ye2 ajak aku - so i think aku pi je la..

beg tak kemas lagik, i gez esok pun sempat lagik kot?

its Thursday dah!

crashed around 30mins post midnite - and by 4am, aku dha tak bley lena, so aku walked out of the main room - aku lepak kat bilik belakang, and terlena jap kat katil bujang there wit the window wide open. 5.46am, aku terjaga since org dah azan - Subhanallah, it was so soothing to get up and sit on ur bed, listening to the azan.. theres a feelin in me i cant describe; tenang, lapang and such. aku bingkas bgun, mandi and solat. by 6.10am sthg, aku dah settled wit a big mug of Nescafe panas dah siap bancuh.. so ere i am - dah siap in baju keje et al, lepak2 jap tunggu 'time'. hehe.. er, yeah - jam baru today! excited plak, mcm budak2.

theres a few changes around me - i prefer to sit down and watch. good ppl, player, coward ppl, love to be used, and abused (yet tak sedar2), and a lot more. theres no use to interfere, let alone to intervene pun. if it is meant to be dat way - then it is meant to be lah. manusia berubah, kdg2 ckp tak serupa bikin. i gez dats human.

and darn - for the first time after like so long - aku had a dream waktu tido mlm tadi. aku hardly remember it all, tapi still do - sket2. its kinda pelik, really. i dun knw how to put it anyway - but.. heh, i gez a dream is always a dream lah kan. and a dream is sort of like some unfinished bisnes - u cant deal it during ur 'reality time' dat u bring it together wit u - into ur sleep.. :-(

its gonna be darn bz at work today, i assume. today and trow. tp aku mls nak fikir2 sgt - yg penting - esok aku amek half-day.. aku ada one big agenda to attend. heh.

nthg else in mind - except for the weekend. btw - hav a good day, ppl!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

another soul..


wats more beautiful than being madly in love
wit someone?
nothg beats dat feeling - i gez.
i mean - hell yeah. i am sure of it well.
knowing dat the one who u love - loves u back
in an irreplaceable feelings
and having another soul -
dat u can cling to.. darn is a splendid feelin.
let u knw dat u will not be left alone
in dis whole wide world..

so if ur love
so if u hav someone who loves u -
cherish it while u can..
for u never knw wats gonna come
to u, tomorrow..


home is home.

reached home by 5.15pm. ujan lebat segala alam. all the way back in ere. i was damn sleepy, hungry as well.

nthg is new, as expected. but i am ok wit it.

i gez i am getting used to it.


woke up early dis mornin, i hav a fairly good kinda sleep.. tido2 ayam, tp alhamdulillah - i think its enuff for me rather not be able to sleep at all. woke up fresh, free mind and wit a free head - aku mls nak start thinkin thgs unnecessarily. i've done somethg i shldve been doin way back earlier and alhamdulillah, it makes me feel kinda o.k.

shall be leavin home soon. head to the office, and i shall hit the road str8 to where i shld be. few thgs in mind - but as usual, if i think a lot, it'd be disastrous. i mght as well face it, as it is. be it watever it may come - it is there for me - and theres nthg else dat i can do. i hope i can settle thgs early and shoot back in ere in time. darn i had a lot to do in the office before the weekend comes knockin.

u hav a good day ahead, today ya. jgn lupa br8fast, mak marah kalo tak br8fast pagi - 'its crucial', as mak wld always told us. heh.

be back, when i am back.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


wat u believe in?

u hav to let go of those who make u feel worthless, and soak up the rays of those who make u feel like a million bucks. who make u feel appreciated. u hav to find someone whos the best possible person for urself, who makes u feel amazing. a person who'd be there for u - for not becoz of he/she has to be there for u, but he/she wants to be there for u.

its not about money. its not about looks. its not about pickup lines - dat drives u go ga ga.

its about how ur heart feels. how u feel. and how u want to feel.


a long day..

imagine dis - ur there since 9am, rite up till 5pm in a so-called meeting cum briefing, about so many thgs cramped in - wit jst a 2 breaks in between. and ur in the middle of all dis slightly old nursing lecturers - which is so closed-minded, vertical thinking, and love to pick one another - over a small petty lil thgs. we all the male, so-called new generation kinda lecturers were like tersepit in between - and theres nothg much we can do. KSKB will be up soon - we r all will be in one huge management - damn i dun knw how its gonna be like.

aku skipped lunch, for i dun feel like to hav anythg at all. and by 3pm - aku dah started to hav dis bloody headache, light-headed. yet theres still so many thgs to discuss, and aku barely tahan anymore.

5pm, aku trus blah. tak balik ofc pun. head home trus. it was raining heavily. and all i hav in mind is to be home, take a shower, and lay my head down..

ISC called, aku need to be there. looks like aku kena drive up to Png again - alone.

i wish i cld hav someone, around.


i cant sleep thru out the nite. i was tossing up and down - finding a way to get my eyes a lil bit of rest; but i dun find a way of doin it well. i remember drifting a way a bit ere and there, but again and again - i woke up wide awake and i cldnt close my eyes back again. by 3am - i gav up. i walked down, and i was rite in front of the idiot box - till 5am, not remembering wat i was watching, for i dun really giv it a heck about wat was on pun..

if theres anythg dat'd disturb me - i gez its only one thang. thgs dat i've done. and thgs i've said. i am quite sure of wat i did, but i am not for thgs i've said. i never ever blurted out thgs in a way - rude, and very harsh. but i gez - i jst hav to. been keepin thgs in me - bottled up, and its eating me rite away. i need to say it out. i need to vent it out - for betterment. i knw i am not good either. but somethg has to be done. it has to be somewhere to start thgs out - in a good way. in a way it shld be. i never raised up my voice - dat easily. but i did.

i still sort of havin the sore in me. i dun knw how to put it - but the feelin of numb, worries. all in at one time. i knw thgs wont be the same after dis. i'll be back to the old days. God knws how i wish i cld stay. and hav the whole thg as it is.

wat a day to start wit dis shait.

u hav a pleasant day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

life is..

life can be strange sometime. it can be harsh. it can be nice as well. life can be cruel. weird. name it, u got it. life, it can be funny too. for instance - u hav wat u need in front of u, but all u see r all those beautiful unnecessary thgs - and u want em all so badly, u started to leave behind dat one thang belongs to u. and the next thg u knw - u hav nthg at all.

u cld leave wit no choices at all. u cld be too, leave wit so many choices to choose - ur then drown in it. u start to lose ur senses, ur not sure wat to choose - when all u need, is rite in front of u.

the thg is - life can be the way u want it to be. its u to live life, its u to determine hows its gonna be for u. and its up to u. nah, i am not a guy whom highly educated to understand dis. but i gez its simple. its a plain simple to understand.

life cld be a one-way street thang. but its the way we live life is - its completely different. wat u do now will determine ur future. wat happens now cld be a consequences of wat u've done a day before. take it as wat u believe in, but i am telling u - its correlate wit one another. its like - u gotta learn to love urself, to love someone else. its like - u gotta respect others, for others to respect u in return. and its like u gotta learn to appreciate others, if only u wanna be appreciated as well. and u dun wanna do shait, if u refused others to do shait on u too.

and life is no way an island. u gotta be able to relate urslf wit someone - be it who ever it is; someone u love, a fren, a fmly and such.

for at the end of the day - dis is the only thang u got, beside urslf.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

after all - said and done..

Pasir Bogak,
Pulau Pangkor.

the above r some of the pics takes while i was away in Pangkor dis weekend - Pasir Bogak to be precise. i've been there for so many time, and each time - i never fails to bring my camera along.

some ppl said i was kinda lost touch - in taking pics, dat is. i hardly amek gambar pun lately - for each time aku pegang kamera - i jst dun knw wat to take, and i hardly 'see' anythg at all. i gez, dats true. nothg extravaganza pun in the pics yg aku amek. i used to use all dis amek pics as one of the outlet to vent out - the loneliness in me, the hatred et al. and i knw i aint hav any, lately.

but i knw - its gonna change.

i hope the above will do fine for u ppl. i knw - they shldve been way better than jst dat. insyaAllah, i'll be back wit way much better than the above.



I cant get it back, but
I dont want it back, i
Realized that,
She dont know how to act
Never been a dumb dude
No im not dense
I Just had a slight lack
Of common sense
I was the good guy
She was the bad girl
Im thinking one girl
She thinking me, earl James and Jimmy
Yep she had plenty
But love for me, she didnt have any

I was inviting, her into my heart

But she was out riding in some other man's car
She was my night time, thought I was her star
Guess I was wrong, but see im strong
Wont take me long for me to move on

Please dont worry bout me im fine

Only gonna play the fool one time
Trust me when I say
That i'll be ok
Go on girl

I cant get it back, but

I dont want it back, i
Realized that,
She dont know how to act
Tried to settle down and look what I get
Thought it was my time, but I guess not yet
She at the bar getting drinks from many men
Im in the house, thinking shes with her girlfriends
Trust not knowing, truly not knowing
I look back now like, man, I was open

I was inviting, her into my heart

But she was out riding in some other man's car
She was my night time, thought I was her star
Guess I was wrong, but see im strong
Wont take me long for me to move on

Please dont worry bout me im fine

Only gonna play the fool one time
Trust me when I say
That i'll be ok
Go on girl

The mistake i made is clear

Thats the reason youre not here
Not a single salty tear
Not a feeling in my chest
Baby im feeling no stress
I'm too fly to be depressed

Go On Girl/Ne-Yo.

was i jst a fool?

actually, i din want to.. grub in the past. but i forgot to make dis silly agreement with my bloody memory, which doesnt hesitate to show me the naked truth;

*hey, u've been mocked!
*hey, i knw it. i cldve been forgotten it..
*cant believe he's so fcukin idiot.
*bodoh, kena kenching pun tak reti2..
*yeah, i am here to remind u!

irony off.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I hear the clock, it's six a.m.
I feel so far from where I've been
I got my eggs I got my pancakes too
I got my maple syrup, everything but you.
I break the yolks, make a smiley face
I kinda like it in my brand new place
I wipe the spots off the mirror
Don't leave the keys in the door
Never put wet towels on the floor anymore' cause

Dreams last so long
even after you're gone
I know you love me
And soon you will see
You were meant for me
And I was meant for you.

I called my momma, she was out for a walk

Consoled a cup of coffee but it didn't wanna talk
So I picked up a paper, it was more bad news
More hearts being broken or people being used
Put on my coat in the pouring rain
I saw a movie it just wasn't the same
'Cause it was happy or I was sad
It made me miss you oh so bad 'cause

I go about my business, I'm doing fine

Besides what would I say if I had you on the line
Same old story, not much to say
Hearts are broken, everyday.
I brush my teeth and put the cap back on
I know you hate it when I leave the light on
I pick a book up. Turn the sheets down.
And then I take a deep breath and a good look around
Put on my pjs and hop into bed
I'm half alive but I feel mostly dead
I try and tell myself it'll be all right
I just shouldn't think anymore tonight 'cause

Yeah.. You were meant for me and I was meant for you.

You Were Meant For Me

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7E's tale to tell.

finally i am back to the office - try to continue few thgs yg aku left behind by the time aku left the building, since aku hardly stand the suffering of havin ur own tummy growlin like shyte.

aku hit for the nearest 7E, lookin for some roti and canned Nescafe - dats the least yg aku cld think of.. i was kinda hugry, i feel like i wanna eat somethg, yet aku dun really knw wat to look for - w'pun kedai makan bersepah2 around where i at. aku ended up havin Cadbury's Picnic je, and Mocha Nescafe. caffeine again. havin those in my hand, aku blah dr 7E - i was like thinkin y on earth plak aku had those to eat - for a lunch.

but then - dat was not the real thing dat really strikes me. i think a lot about a lot of thing, really. but somethg happened in front of my eyes - leave me wondering.

theres one old Malay man - really old, around 70's i think.. looked so unkempt, standing by the sideway kat 7E tu - hoping dat i might catch him in my eyes, and smile - so dat he cld start some kinda conversation. he smiled at me - and i cant help smiling back at him. i mean - a plain, so so kinda smile. the kinda smile u gav to someone yg ko tak kenal.. kinda thg like dat. and to my surprise - he greeted me, shivered a bit. and he asked for some money. he was like, 'seringgit pun tak pe encik - boleh beli roti..', 'pakcik tak makan lagi..' and i was like coupla steps away from him. aku dengar him well, and i continued walking. but somethg in me told me to stop. and look behind. he looked so sad. unkempt. pathetic. his eyes was so kusam - he avoided lookin at me in the eyes. and aku bukak wallet aku - hand out some money, and leave. aku din turn back. but i cld hear him sayin, 'terima kasih encik.. terima kasih', 'alhamdulillah..' and such.

aku masuk kereta, about to leave when aku tgk cermin belakang kereta and aku saw him - tryin so hard nak kick-start his moto Honda kapchai - so old dat tak bley start pun, and dia nampak penat sgt.. i was there for a while, until finally he squatted down beside his Honda, wit both hand closing his eyes.. aku tak sanggup lagik dah nak tgk, reversed kete and aku blah.

and now - back in the ofis - aku cant help thinkin, damn aku shld be stopping the car and help him out. maybe aku cld do more than jst bagi duit and blah. perhaps i am a dumb when it comes to all dis moto kete thang - but maybe i cld do more to easy his burden. and maybe..

and otw back tadik - aku picked up the phone and telepon mak, asking dis and dat - sampai dia rasa pelik. aku nak je cerita to her wat i went thru tadik - tp, biar lah.. it was nice to listen to her laughing away, telling me itu ini. God i swear i wont let mak abah be dat way - no matter wat it is. they r both dat all dat i hav in dis world - for em both, i cld see thgs around me, for em both - i am where and wat i am now. and aku cant help rasa a bit sdey dgn nasib pakcik tadik.


damn. i think the caffeine is kickin in. i cld feel the nagging, plain headache now shait.

training, today.

tot aku can stay back and finish up thgs wit packing and such - tak jugak. dok selak2 fail bagai, aku came across dis one memo from Pengarah listing all the lecturers wit certain specialties; dat is Jadual Latihan untuk Sistem Mekanikal dan Elektrikal wat the heck i aint sure of. and nama aku naik 2 kali - gym equipment and language lab system. lab system tu lambat la lagik - tp gym equipment tu ari ni dan esok. nak latih mender? nak tunjuk buat bench press incline decline bagai kah? kejis. instead of ari ni dan esok - aku nak suruh who ever dat is yg in-charge of dis; cut short. but sehari sudey. smpai 2 hari mender?

ofis dah jadik lintang pukang post-tsunami. kotak sana sinun, paper bertimbun2. dis is the time when u realize bilik ko byk sampah ke tidak. as for me - buku2 1/3, files 1/3, and another 1/3 is like hadiah, flush toys, all those small2 petty thgs plus.. yeah, so-called 'sampah'. i mean - not dat literally sampah la.. tp all those thgs yg aku need not to keep anymore, but then - still aku simpan. at time like dis - aku wish makcik cleaner yg dok anta kuih kat aku tiap2 pagi dulu tu.. is around. heh.

gotta see Pengarah before aku off for the so-called training kat the new building aka KSKB. malas weh! can i jst stay back in my cold, air-con room? huargkhh.

owh, btw - g'morn!

Monday, June 13, 2011


It's morning, you wake, a sun ray hits your face
Smeared makeup as we lay in the wake of destruction
Hush baby, speak softly, tell me you're awfully sorry
That you pushed me into the coffee table last night
So I can push you off me
Try and touch me so I can scream at you not to touch me
Run out the room and I'll follow you like a lost puppy
Baby, without you, I'm nothing, I'm so lost, hug me
Then tell me how ugly I am, but that you'll always love me
Then after that, shove me, in the aftermath of the
Destructive path that we're on, two psychopaths but we
Know that no matter how many knives we put in each other's backs
That we'll have each other's backs, 'cause we're that lucky
Together, we move mountains, let's not make mountains out of molehills,
You hit me twice, yeah, but who's countin'?
I may have hit you three times, I'm startin' to lose count
But together, we'll live forever, we found the youth fountain
Our love is crazy, we're nuts, but I refused counsellin'
This house is too huge, if you move out I'll burn all two thousand
Square feet of it to the ground, ain't shit you can do about it
With you I'm in my fuckin' mind, without you, I'm out it..

~ Eminem's part of I Love The Way You Lie; Part 2
Eminem feat Rihanna.

u r..

are you.. "

i always believe dat we become wat we think we are. if we hav poor self-esteem, its becoz we think we r stupid, ugly and so forth. stand in front of the full length mirror and look at yrself. if u feel good about the image in front of u - u'll feel good the whole day. but if u as much as say 'yuckss', then u will feel lousy thru out the day. u basically hav allowed ur own perception of urself to mess up ur day, God sake.

wats worse is that some of us discount urselves and judgment of others. u hav thus become a slave to the opinios and judgment of others.

ur very important. u can soar like a seagull and gallop like a horse if u want to. but if u think u cant, then u cant! it u think u will defeated, then u will be defeated. stand up and be the winner - that u were meant to be!



Sunday, June 12, 2011

i will..

i will fall for a someone, who will -

stand out in the rain wit me
cook wit, or for me
let me sing along to the radio - listen to wat we want to,
not to jst wat u want to
keep surprising me.. yeah, keep surprising me..
watch movies wit me on some lazy days -
no yawning, no sleeping, no 'wtf kinda movie is dat' post-watchin
remember the lil thgs, all those petty thgs
makes me laugh
help me face my fears
talk to me
listen to me
walk beside me - thru the lazy days
- not walk in front of me.. and left me struggling
start play-fights wit me - water, words, anythg
write me post-it letters, cards; conventionally
always says wats on his/her mind
shut me up wit kisses (hoho..)
call me thgs like 'darling' - not 'baby'
hug me and say, 'no, ur not..' when i keep on sayin dat i'm fine
treat me, wit respect
and treat me - sometimes - like a child
treat me - sometimes - like an adult
and love me back.

too much aye? haha


a long day, dat is.

its been a long day, today. reached KB by 6.30am - aku was so damn tired, sleepy like hell. smpai rumah terus tido - tak sempat tukar baju and such pun.. by 11.30am, dah bgun and siap2.. since nak kena bertolak balik Ipoh pulak. jadi supir, as usual. but then - aku never complain. its my obligation - and i hav to do it well. but then again - dis was the first time; when aku hardly drive well - mid of the journey, aku terpaksa 'surrender' and mintak someone else do the driving since i need a crash, damn so much. and i did. so from Lawin to Ipoh - aku take cover back again, do the driving - tho still, aku kinda sleepy. and drowsy.


its been 2yrs now. and i am still standing tall. i am proud of it. been thru thick and thin. and it changed me a lot. it makes me wat i am now - and i hav no regret. i am glad, in a way. and i thanked God as well. it makes me stronger. it makes me treasure life better than anythg at all.

and i knw its gonna be more yrs to come.


Friday, June 10, 2011


does it hurt u?

love u so much -
dat it hurts?

love is sucha wondering feeling. u wake up in the morn wit a sense of purpose, u always hav a goofy grin on ur face. u walk around wit a bounce in ur steps and ppl can automatically tell dat sthg wonderful has happened. when ur wit uf significant other, nthg else in the world seems to matter. theres no one else in the world dat can love u even more and u cld love more. life is great.. when ur together - otherwise; it jst hurts so bad.

but - is it true?

everyone says love hurts, but i dun think so. and it aint true. rejection hurts. losing someone huts. envy hurts. screaming to one another hurts. not talking to each other hurts. everybdy gets these thgs confused wit love - but in reality, love is the only thg in dis whole wide world dat covers up all pain and makes someone feels wonderful again.

love is the only thg in dis world - dat does not hurt.

OUM 5th day! and the last day yeah.

last day in OUM. shall be done by noon. presenting again, re-do dis and dat. the module needed to complete and to be send to BPL. me and Gurjit we r done - siap dah print and such. Prof Zul told us we do a good job and tak pyh byk2 kali tgk - nanti lagik byk salah. so print trus and skang sandar2 layan internet while minum tea.. smbil tgk other r running ere and there - and smile. kena siap jgk, kalo tak - tak bley balik.

shait. i gotta go. wee wee. lupa lah!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

date me!

Insidious; another one of my kinda movie.
nak tgk sorg.. takut plak..

Super8; starts today.
or is it yesterday?

damn i wanna watch the both of the above!!
argkhh. anyone can take me out for a date, pls?


OUM - 4th day!

i aint sure wat it is.

damn. aku lupa nak update OUM for the 3rd day! heh.

so today - its the 4th day. another presentation will be in dis petang. so sumer participant yg dok tunggang langgang buat module neh - muka sekor2 dah mcm zomba zombi, frustrated cldnt xcess the YouTube sepasal, ini tak bley itu tak bley - and Prof Zul nak sthg yg 'tak boring' and 'menarik'. urgkhh.

had a conversation wit Azman on the phone jst now - he's on MC again today. semlm he went to see a doc; dis doc diagnosed him as Acute Gastritis since he's complaining of havin a backache. a backache for Acute Gastritis? awal2 lagik aku dah confuse. but when he told me dat he's doin kinda OK after the med., aku rasa ok la kot.. tp still - i cant see the kaitan antara back pain and a Gastritis. so today - the pain persist. he went off for a second opinion. and dang - the doc told him dat he mght be havin a plain myalgia aka muscle pain - wit the symptoms of cramping, aching dull in nature back there in the pinggang area. and gez wat the doc giv? Celebrex. which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain or inflammation. good choice, dat is. i hope he's gonna get better alrite, soon insyaAllah.

went for urut kaki wit Ghaz and Ikhwan semlm. it was raining kucing dan anjing.. but we still we went. tak byk gerai pun yg bukak - perhaps its was still early.

had a shake for 9am drink! believe it r not? and it tastes wonderful! damn i am gonna be thin after dis. hahaha