Tuesday, May 24, 2011

used? being used?

suddenly aku rasa muak, meluat, jelik and such. wit so many thgs around me. wit ppl, wit thgs et al. and dats one of the reason aku blah dr clinical area - dtg ke ofc to finish works since bdk2 research bwh aku sibuk dok texting me for sort of appointment.

alhamdulillah, i am done. think of leaving the office now. i need sort of outlet to let go all dis bulshyte in me. and i think i am heading for the gym.

i am tired of ppl using others for fun. to fulfill their own dreams. i am tired wit ppl who love to use words - selling sweet words as if tak de pe2 and all those words r jst words, nothg beyond dat. i am tired wit ppl yg used words - and they dun knw wat they r sayin. all dis manipulative ppl r sick and i need to stay away, God sake. i need no complication in life. no more.

i gez dats the way it is la kot. dats life is. ppl r being used, some ppl love to be used. some ppl love to used others. and i need not to think all dis bulsyhte no more.

see ya!

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alhaqimi said...

owh sorry la..

sincere with u.. haha