Saturday, May 7, 2011

to a fren of mine..

i talked to her dis mornin. she sank my heart deep, i dun knw wat to do. i wish i cld tell her a thang or two. i wish i hav power to mend every single thang, and turn the time back to those days.. she was cryin at the end of the line, i felt so hopeless. i was strugglin to find a better words for her - so she'd be strong, and back to her beautiful smile..

dear fren.. my very fren, dis is for u -

pls dun giv up. there must be a way out of all dis shait. i knw u've been hurt. and i knw how it feels. believe me - i do. the tears will stop falling. it will stop falling - u gotta trust in me for dat. ur heart will heal itself. i promise u, it will. so hold on. be strong. be wise. and be bold. dun ever let go. dun even think of givin up - dun lose hope b'coz i promise u, dat s'one will learn thgs well, and will treat u better. he'll be the one who never leave u, the way others did. he'll take care of u. he'll be worth the wait, so hang in there b'coz i love u as a fren, and i definitely want u to be happy.

shyte happens. and it'll pass. trow will be a brand new. for u. for him. for u both. insyaAllah.